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Mosquitos part of the ongoing summer cycle

It's no secret that mosquitoes have been a growing source of aggravation (as they always are but in varying degrees) especially with all the summer rainfall triggering their ongoing annoyance, more noticeable in the evening when dusk hits and their presence seems more intense.

Local officials have been doing an excellent job of trying to control the pesty population with their treatment phases earmarked for the larvae in the standing water, along with the ground and aerial spraying meant to annihilate the flying, biting adult members. West Fargo has now had aerial spraying completed a couple of times with the latest round last Saturday evening.

The first case of West Nile for the year was reported by the North Dakota Department of Public Health over the weekend, so all the more reason for vigilance.

West Nile is transmitted through the bite of an infected mosquito. The greatest risk time in the state is during July and August when the mosquitoes that transmit the disease are more abundant.

Anyone who comes in contact with mosquitoes is at risk for West Nile, making it important for everyone to take the necessary precautions throughout the rest of the summer to protect themselves.

The best measures include: spraying with insect repellent, limiting outdoor activities when mosquitoes are most likely to bite, wearing clothing that covers the arms and legs, getting rid of any standing water, and repairing screens in windows and doors so mosquitoes can't enter your homes.

If you would like more information about the status of the threat, West Nile virus activity will be updated Wednesday mornings each week throughout the season on the Department of Healths West Nile website at