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Area hosting naval celebration

If you have never been to a Fargo AirSho there is something to be said about being right there in the mix watching all the action as it unfolds directly above the landscape in clear, unobstructed, breathtaking view.

It simply doesn't get any better, especially on a bright sunshiny day.

This year's event also takes on added significance with the celebration of the 100th anniversary of the U.S. Navy marked by the weeklong Navy Week observance and a host of activities, including the Navy Blue Angels performing at the AirSho, the Navy Band Great Lakes Contemporary band, performing several shows citywide, and the Deputy Commander for Fleet Management and Chief of Staff, U.S. Fleet of Forces, Command, Rear Adm. Mark Guadagnini, participating in a number of local outreach events.

Air Sho action will take place at Hector International Airport and the Fargo Air Museum will be a hub of activity with the Centennial of Naval Aviation display. Both days of the AirSho will also feature a Navy flight simulator and video game suburban will be on display.

The weeklong activity also honors the service and commitment of the serving men and women who have selected the U.S. Navy as their career path in life.

Anyone with the ability to take the 2011 Fargo AirSho in up close and personal should definitely consider doing so.

If you can't, there is also something to be said for sitting in your comfortable lawn chair either perched in the backyard or the driveway, whichever affords the biggest overhead view, especially as the Blue Angels majestically choreograph their high in the sky routine - a truly awe inspiring experience for anyone with the proper vantage point to take it all in.