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The start of something good

It's hard to believe that summer is almost over and school will be starting next week in West Fargo as well in a variety of other area communities.

As a precursor to the big day, a special event is being staged in West Fargo to promote physical activity and recreation.

Statistics show that nearly one-half of adults get no regular physical activity and 40 percent of adolescents don't get the recommended amount of daily physical activity.

To help remedy that situation, StreetsAlive was founded in Latin America 30 years ago to increase opportunities for physical activity and recreation for residents.

Today, the event is still going strong.

In recent years United States cities like, Portland, Ore., Madison, Wis., San Francisco, Miami, Chicago, Atlanta, and New York have begun hosting open streets events.

In 2010, StreetsAlive became local with Fargo-Moorhead hosting two events that were well-received with 6,500 people participating.

On that note, Streets Alive will be coming to West Fargo as part of the West Fargo Public Schools elementary Back to School Night observance, on Tuesday, Aug. 23, from 6 to 8.

During this time the streets will be filled with physical movement.

One mile of streets will be closed to make room for small motorized vehicles and any other form of human-powered movement - walking, running, bicycling, inline skating, skateboarding, dancing.'

There will also be healthy food, music and dance along the route, which travels south of Eastwood Elementary on a loop including Tenth Avenue East, Sixth Street East, Twelfth Avenue East and Second Street East.

The event is being sponsored by the Dakota Medical Foundation's Healthy People Initiative in partnership with the City of West Fargo, West Fargo Parks and Recreation, and West Fargo Public Schools.

StreetsAlive is part of a larger movement to reduce overweight and obesity in children in Cass and Clay County by 20 percent by 2020.

The goals of the event are to inspire people to make healthy behavior changes, add physical activity to their daily lives and inspire communities, schools, and child cares to create a culture of active living.

So if would like to be a part of a setting that provides the perfect opportunity and confined, protected space for a little outside physical activity or recreation, check out StreetsAlive.

It might be the catalyst for the start and continuation of something really good in your life.