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Letter to the Editor: West Fest planners grateful for overall participation

This past weekend, our community celebrated another West Fest - our 20th. Even on a chilly and breezy day, there was a tremendous turnout and support for this great community event. A great deal of work goes into the planning and execution of the details for this celebration. This year, the City of West Fargo took over this process from the former West Fargo Chamber of Commerce. The Planning Committee did an excellent job of providing our community with the many events that make West Fest such a source of community pride. The committee does a great deal of work behind the scenes and I would like to thank the planning committee members for their dedicated work: Dorinda Anderson, Julie Yourczek, Carol Stillwell, Rachelle Martin, Kathy Lewin, Larry Weil, Chris Kulesa, Ruth Strahm, Larry Lubben, Jeannie Camarillo, Jay Thomas, Grant Larson, Arland Rasmussen, Duane Sall, Mike Reitan, Lori Sall, Chris Brungardt, and Chad Zander. Each took various events of the celebration and did their part to make it so successful.

We also had many community volunteers who helped on the day to assist with parade line-up, parade patrol, clean-up - you name it - thank you so much for being such an important part of the day. Other groups took on the planning for some events such as the Ministerial Association with the Pancake Breakfast, Sharon Horsager organized the 9th Annual Mike McLeod Memorial Softball Tournament, The Alzheimer's Association for the Walk to Remember Alzheimer's and 5K run, the Park District organized the Rummage Sale, the WF Fire Department set up the Fireman's Ball, and Sandra Carlson set up the Horseshoe Tournament. All of these activities are an important part of West Fest and we want to thank these organizations for their important contribution.

Thanks to our many sponsors, vendors, 130 parade unit participants, providers such as Penny and Pals, inflatable games, magician, face painting, and so on.

Most of all, thanks to the community for coming out and supporting the many events of this celebration. We hope this event will continue to grow and continue to be a source of community pride for our great city. See you all next year.

Larry Lubben


West Fest Planning Committee