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Letter to the Editor: A special thank you for ongoing support

Sincere thanks to the West Fargo Boys Soccer Team and to Coaches Doug Millar and James Moe for the honor during this year's benefit soccer game. It came as such a surprise and I was so humbled by choosing me as this year's recipient. Thanks also to all those who volunteered their time during the game to make this honor so successful.

Many thanks to all of the Eastwood Elementary Staff for their continued love and support, for their rally cry, not only during this event, but through the many acts of kindness shown to my family and me throughout this cancer journey. Thanks to the many students and parents who have been so understanding and supportive.

Thanks to the wonderful staff at Roger Maris Cancer Center who were always helpful and compassionate in all we were going through, and for their careful management of my treatment.

Thanks to all my dear friends and family who were continually there for me, to my BFS friends, to my church, St. Joseph's in Moorhead, to my Berger Elementary family, the WF School District, to all those who have sent such kind words of encouragement and support throughout this journey, and to those that contributed to the Western State Bank benefit account. I am forever indebted.

I am so humbled, grateful, and overwhelmed by the many blessings received, and by His divine presence each day of this journey. It has helped carry our family through the difficulties of this illness and has given us such hope and renewed strength. Thanks from the bottom of my heart! God's Blessings to all.

Rachel Bearfield

West Fargo