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Report of gunman prompts police to block off streets in north Fargo

Insight from WFPD: Beware of parking rules in residential areas

With the start of fall and the closing of lake homes its time for residents to be aware of the parking restrictions within residential areas. Boats, campers and other summertime related equipment brought into the community and parked can be deemed to be in violation. While short-term parking is permitted under certain conditions, allowing an item to remain beyond the limits may result in a parking citation and impound.

An officer responding to a complaint from a citizen or through the officer's own observation will attempt to determine how long a vehicle has been in violation. Typically, a warning is given to provide notice to the owner. The officer will return at a later date to confirm the violation has been corrected. If the violation still exists, the officer can issue a citation and may eventually impound the vehicle. In the interest of public safety the vehicle may be ticketed or impounded during the initial contact by the officer.

The City of West Fargo has established the following rules:

13-1606. Parking Limits. The owner, driver or any other person having under his control or charge any vehicle of any kind whatsoever, shall not cause, permit or allow such vehicle to stand or remain in any one place for a longer period than seventy-two (72) hours upon any street or alley in the City of West Fargo. The Public Works Director shall place signs on all street entrances to the City to notify the public of this restriction.

  13-1608. Parking of Recreational Vehicles, Recreational Equipment and Recreational Trailers. No recreational vehicle, recreational equipment or recreational trailer may be parked upon any street, boulevard or alley within a residentially zoned district for a period exceeding seventy-two (72) hours

  4-446. Currently Licensed Motorized Vehicle and Equipment Parking in Residential Districts.

A. Purpose: To prohibit the parking or storage of certain vehicles and equipment and prevent the extended storage of those vehicles and equipment which (due to general

factors of nuisance) affects the well functioning and character of a residential neighborhood and the community.

2. Improved Parking Surface. Shall consist of a durable surface to include concrete or bituminous, or gravel only where the existing driveway has not been improved to concrete or asphalt. Grass or dirt shall not constitute a durable surface.

Owners are asked to not allow vehicles to remain on the roadway for more than 72 hours. Items parked upon residential property must be parked within compliance of the Planning and Zoning Ordinances of Chapter 4 City of West Fargo Ordinance Manual.