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Holiday cause for reflection, sharing

Thanksgiving is traditionally the holiday set aside for giving thanks, but how many of us really actually do that in a truly meaningful way?

With all the talk in the press lately about the plight of the homeless receiving increased attention because of the cold weather conditions, it should be pause for real reflection this entire holiday and winter season, for that matter.

The need for adequate shelter and food in the area for individuals without the means to provide it themselves is reaching peak levels.

Those of us more fortunate should take that as a wake-up call on a daily basis to do whatever we can to help, especially when it comes to donating food to the local pantries, where supplies are constantly running low due to the struggling families and individuals forced to rely on these wonderful resources to help over come their burdens.

Many of us already are doing this, but the reality is, the need is always greater.

What it all boils down to is more families than ever are finding it hard to make ends meet each month and are counting on places like the Great Plains Food

Bank to provide the food they desperately need.

Pointing out how urgent food donations to the pantries have become - in the past 12 months, Great Plains Bank has provided more than 8,000,000 pounds of food to their network of 271 local partner agencies all across North Dakota and western Minnesota.

Over the next three months, another 2,100,000 pounds of food will be needed to feed those counting on these same services.

That's why the giving becomes so important, not only during particular times of the year, but every opportunity that presents itself - whether it's the food collection bin at your church or grocery store, the door-to-door Boy Scout drives, or simply a check in an envelope to the Great Plains Food Bank to expend for supplies needed.

On the latter note, statistics show that each dollar contributed provides enough food for four meals, a small price to pay to help a senior or a hard working parents struggling to feed their families.

In this day and age, no child should have to go to bed hungry and no senior citizens shouldn't have to choose between medication or food.

As we gather in our warm homes around tables filled with ample food this Thanksgiving holiday, lets try to remember the true meaning of the day and use that inspiration as a precursor to helping others not just on particular holidays, but on a regular basis, every day we possibly can.