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New Year reflective of what we make it

Random acts of kindness seemed to pop up everywhere during the Christmas holiday locally, which is true testimony to the caring caliber of people making up our communities - all those pitching in to help the Salvation Army kettle campaign, benefactors for local giving trees, those providing food, fellowship, and presents to the homeless and less fortunate, gifts for the little ones spending their holiday at local hospitals, the list is impressive and goes on and on.

All this compassion and caring sets a positive, optimistic tone for the New Year and hopefully all the good it holds in store.

Realistically, the New Year will be what each of us personally makes it.

For many it will be the annual resolution ritual to accomplish some sort of change in life, whether it's losing weight and getting into shape, finding a different job, saving or making money, or whatever the goal.

For others it will be committing to nothing, just trying to do the best they possibly can without setting themselves up for some unachievable expectation.

No matter what your outlook for 2012, remember to begin the year on the right note.

New Year's Eve is Saturday night and a time when everyone also selects their 'perfect' way to ring in the New Year.

Please remember to do it reasonably and responsibly by not drinking and driving.

It's okay to celebrate and have a good time, but it's also a must to know your limits. Designated drivers are always an excellent idea and go a long way in ensuring an evening of fun and safety for everyone involved.

Page three of today's Pioneer contains a special safety message sponsored by a number of local businesses. Take a look and follow the sound advice so you can be assured of starting New Year's Day out on the right foot.

However you decide to usher in the New Year, once it's arrived, here's wishing you health, happiness, harmony and joy and only the very best it has to offer.