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Insight from WFPD: Driving under the influence arrests reach 152 for 2011

As of Dec. 30, the West Fargo Police Department has recorded 152 driving under the influence arrests. In comparison Fargo Police set a new record with more than 1100 DUI arrests in 2011. In 2010, West Fargo had 110 arrests, while in 2000, there were 241. It is difficult to clearly determine if there were a higher number of people electing to drink and drive or whether it is an increased enforcement effort that is responsible for the higher numbers.

Think ahead when setting plans for the evening. Decide if drinking alcohol will be part of your activities. If alcohol will be involved, consider drinking in moderation. Eating a meal with your alcoholic beverages can help fill you up and prevent over consumption. Always have an alternative transportation plan in place for how you will get home if you become impaired.

Probably one of the most difficult things for an adult to do is to speak up to tell a friend they have had too much to drink. As alcohol is consumed a person's ability to reason is one of the first mental functions to be affected. People tend to make poor decisions after consuming alcohol. Develop a method by which you can tell a person they have consumed too much or that they need to slow down their rate of consumption. Have a plan on how to prevent them from driving after becoming impaired and how to arrange for their transportation. Little could be worse than a tragedy occurring knowing that you could have influenced the outcome.

Being arrested for driving under the influence is one of the easiest violations to avoid. If you drink don't drive; if you do drink, call a cab or have a designated driver.