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Letter to the Editor: More classes needed for theatre, arts careers

Dear Editor:

I'm a ninth grader at Sheyenne 9th Grade Center. This year I started my four-year plan, but I noticed that the classes aren't very helpful for careers in theatre and other arts. My dream is to make a career out of theatre, and I am extremely disappointed that there are only two classes to help me on my way. I feel school should have more class options for people with these interests like individual voice lessons, dance classes, and Broadway review classes. I have been in theatre for a while and have had to get this training from private studios and summer programs.

These are great, but imagine if those programs were taught during the school day. This would relieve some stress from a busy schedule and offer these opportunities to those who don't have the money for these lessons or don't have the help from home they need. Many people don't have this drive from family.

I have always been motivated to try out New York after high school and have a supporting family behind me, but I feel there is much more preparing I need to do before I understand the process and the level of intensity.

When I look at my options for classes I see many for medical, business, etc., but making it on Broadway or any other theatre performance requires the same amount of effort and work and should be taken just as seriously. Make all dreams possible.

Natalie Shea

West Fargo