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inisght from WFPD: Thank you for keeping an eye out on suspicious behavior

In recent weeks, the West Fargo Police Department has apprehended four separate groups for breaking into motor vehicles in our city.

While officers are on routine patrol, they are actively seeking out those types of suspicious behavior. While officers on routine patrol did identify and apprehend one of these recent groups, the other three groups were apprehended because of alert citizens placing a phone call to the police.

Without the public's awareness in noticing these individuals during the commission of these crimes, the odds of the police department apprehending these individuals is reduced.

Because of the citizens not only recognizing suspicious activity, but also calling immediately with descriptions of the suspects, and their vehicles, the suspects were apprehended. The property that was stolen was able to be returned to many of the victims before they even knew they were a victim of the thefts.

Very often, we are told by callers that they did not want to bother us with trivial matters so late in the night. Responding to these types of calls not only is our responsibility, but also is satisfying for the officers that they are able return the property immediately to the rightful owner. This not only saves the owners the costs of replacing the stolen items, but helping those owners feel less victimized.

The West Fargo Police Department would like to thank the citizens of West Fargo for their continued support, and their vigilance in assisting in the detection of criminal activity to keep our community safe.

All of the vehicles that had items taken from them had two common details linking all the vehicles into one group: the vehicles were unlocked, and had property in them. The West Fargo Police Department would like to take this opportunity to remind the citizens of West Fargo to remove all valuable items from your vehicles, and to keep vehicles locked.

The act of breaking into the vehicles is a crime of opportunity; by removing that opportunity, you will greatly reduce your chances of becoming a victim to these types of crimes.