Weather Forecast


Conditions close to perfection

What a difference a year can make.

Especially when it comes to the weather, which has been one hot topic of late, literally.

Warm temperatures, clear skies, moderate winds, no bugs.

Spring has definitely arrived.

In the past when this season rolls around we have been talking flood threat and river level predictions in anticipation of that big crest.

Given the winter long dry spell, not so much the case, and that's a very good thing in many regards.

Nonetheless, West Fargo Public Works officials just released their first update on the 2012 spring melt after observing the Sheyenne River levels and the released flows from the reservoir.

And no surprises, conditions are pretty much the way they were expected it to be.

The Sheyenne Diversion is currently operating with small amounts of ice remaining at several locations.

One of the gates has been closed; otherwise, the river is flowing unimpeded.

Good news at a time when spirits are already lifted by the positive force Mother Nature has unleashed upon our region.