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Nice to breathe easy during 'flood season'

Did you hear the big news? The Red River crested already.

Yup, on Sunday, March 18, the mighty Red topped out just below 18 feet.

Talk about anticlimactic; flooding was such a non subject, most residents probably didn't even realize there was any crest whatsoever.

But hey, after our seemingly endless tide of yearly spring battles here in the valley, it's downright pleasant not to worry about it for once.

We should enjoy it, too. A spring without stress or strain from the worries of "what if," as turbid waters reach historic proportions. A few pleasant months to think about planting gardens or summers at the lake or family trips to parts unknown.

It would be wise to not become complacent, however. A reprieve from strife for one spring is great, but we flood-fighting veterans know better than to rest on our laurels.

Because there is no telling what next spring will bring, and no matter what, we'll be ready.