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Letter to the Editor: Measure 2 opponents nothing more than alarmists

Measure 2 is, without question, one of the most consequential policy questions that has been presented before the state.

How many times have you heard that implication as a Dooms Day to our local governments if Measure 2 passes? Or that Measure 2 is reckless and not thought out? Copernicus had similar alarmists contradicting him when he pronounced that the Earth is not the center of the Universe.

I feel that Measure 2 is as consequential in liberating our thinking about our taxes and local governments today as Copernicus declaration that the Earth is not the center of the Universe.

Why are people so adamant in thinking that property tax is the center of all issues related to our local government functions? We need to be liberated from such dogmatic thinking. We need to be enlightened that local governments will function much better with alternative taxing methods, and that the relationship between the local governments and the taxpayers will not be adversarial as it is under the present property tax concept and the assessor.

We need to understand that Measure 2 will relieve all the taxpayers from the property tax baggage that the assessor piles on us without any consideration if the taxpayer can carry it. We also must understand that Measure 2 makes provisions to exercise our responsibility, if needed, to support our local governments with equitable taxes rather than with the property tax.

As the proverbial saying goes, with Measure 2, you will have the cake and eat to.

If you vote "yes" on Measure 2, it will be one of the most positive tax consequences, not only for North Dakota, but for the whole United States.

Juris Curiskis


(Formerly of New England, N.D.)