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Businesses remain accessible

I had to check it out myself after my morning trip to the post office and after driving the stretch of construction on West Fargo's Main Avenue, the concern for making sure motorists adhere to the speed limit at the posted 25 miles per hour all for safety's sake becomes apparent.

Highly inhabited by orange construction zones the roadway is clearly marked but with two-way traffic now reverted partially to the frontage roads the roadway does become somewhat of a maize to maneuver with the side accesses prevalent at many intersections causing extra need for awareness. The intersection at Ninth Street East is controlled by four-way stop signs which can be tedious when traffic flows are high, requiring all the more need for patience.

So if anyone used to traveling this route is in a big hurry, alternate routes would be an excellent suggestion.

On the flip side, what should also be emphasized is that a variety of businesses continue to conduct their operations along this construction zone that stretches from the post office all the way to 45th Street. They welcome and appreciate their clientele and want to see those associations continue and new ones develop throughout the duration of the project which is expected to be completed in October.

In that regard it should be pointed out that these businesses are all still highly accessible along the route - getting there just might require a little additional time, so plan your scheduling accordingly.

During these hugh construction endeavors cooperation and patience are key in ensuring everyone makes it to their destinations in a timely and safe manner. Consequently, anyone traveling this route should be prepared for the extenuating circumstances that accompany any major construction project.