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Riding together promotes earth day theme regularly

Earth Week has been a lingering, important topic of discussion with the community and residents observing "going green" in a number of significant ways.

Most businesses try to promote this effort all year long. MATBUS the public transportation system serving the communities of Fargo, West Fargo, Moorhead and Dilworth, is one of those now touting on their website "Go Green, Ride With Us."

In an effort to place extra emphasis on the practice, they are throwing their hat in the ring with a special Earth Week offering through Saturday, April 28 by encouraging everyone in the metro area, in need of a ride, to participate in their targeted Get Your 'Can' on the Bus Promotion."

The earth week campaign invites residents to ride MATBUS for free when they donate one aluminum can. The gesture also provides the opportunity to qualify for drawings for free MATBUS neon t-shirts.

The offering applies to any of the 25 routes available through MATBUS this Saturday, with all vehicles wheelchair-accessible.

It's important to note that public transportation indeed plays a huge role in protecting the environment.

Did you know that one MATBUS bus full of people removes up to 50 cars from the road? That's a line of cars approximately four city blocks long. 

Also, U.S. public transportation systems save 4.2 billion gallons of gasoline every year, the equivalent of 320 million cars filling up annually.   

These statistics provide substantial reasoning behind the transportation companies plea to "save our energy resources and protect our air by riding the MATBUS."

At least, think about these ramifications the next time you have the opportunity either to share a ride with another driver or use publication transportation, but instead opt to travel on your own.

More information about the local transit company and their well-rounded variety of routes is available on their website at