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Letter to the Editor: Post Prom event aims for record attendance

Each year, we get a handful of dedicated parents to help out with the planning for the West Fargo Post Prom and Post Grad events. It is an exhausting effort to complete all of the details for just two evenings, and many wonder why we go to so much work for just two nights. 

We said, "yes" to supporting the Post Prom and Post Grad because our students had the guts to say "no" to drugs and alcohol.

For members of the business community, it means supporting a widespread and growing effort that cannot only change lives, but save them. To parents who dedicate untold hours of time, energy and money organizing the celebrations, it means working hard to protect the ones they love the most. To teachers and administrators, saying "yes" means a real victory in their fight against a seemingly invincible enemy. 

None of us can change the world in one night. We just hope to change what has become an annual tragedy - losing our youth to the deadly mix of drugs, alcohol and driving - at what should be a time of celebration. If we can help save one life, or prevent one serious injury, we will have succeeded.

Perhaps these nights of sober celebrating will remind us all of our huge capacity for being able to have a great time without having to pay a great cost?

This Saturday is our Post Prom event at the Schlossman YMCA, and we hope to see record attendance. We will open the doors at midnight, with no more admittance after 1:30 a.m. The event ends at 4 a.m. 

We will have tons of fun with karaoke, Minute-to-Win-It competitions, dodgeball tournament, XBox competitions, cash cube, climbing wall, pool, air hockey, foosball, ping pong, life-sized board games, and lots of food and prizes throughout the night. 

Everyone who attends will go home with something.

Make it the night of your lives, students, and remember: we said, "yes' so you wouldn't have to. 

For more details check out our website at:

Michelle Reitan

WFPPPG Committee Chairperson

West Fargo