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Letter to the Editor: Kalk is best choice for House

Those of us who follow and critique the process and results of politicians know that their actions, their views and their votes have a major impact on Americans.

Politicians have become - maybe always have been - a rare breed, and the antics of many have tainted the process, and maybe even the success, of all of us in this country.

At the federal level, the legacy of these types of elected officials includes a complicated and punishing tax system, egregious deficit spending, misplaced, if not wasted, tax dollars by the billions, and a growing federal government comprised of bureaucrats in agencies that regulate farmers, business and citizens out of house and home.

If we have a shred of hope of getting the $15 trillion deficit under control, stabilizing our economy and setting a more stable course for our future, we must elect people who will lead, bring knowledge and experience from the real world, battle back against the wrong, stupid and outrageous, and represent us well. We need to hire people who will be part of the solution not part of the problem.

In the U.S. House race, Brian Kalk makes the cut and has earned my support. He won another contested party endorsement because he listens to people, he gets it and he's ready to go to Washington for us, not for himself.

Kalk defended us as a career Marine for 20 years, and I believe he will do so again, serving honorably, as the next congressman from North Dakota.

Mike Schmidt

West Fargo