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Letter to the Editor: North Dakota deserves better than Kalk, Cramer

The November 2012 election offers voters choices. North Dakotans can choose the same cronyism and numerous ethical blind spots that have come with Republican control, or we can decide that we deserve better.

Our current Public Service Commissioners, and persistent candidates for higher office, Kevin Cramer and Brian Kalk, have been holding themselves to different ethical standards than PSC offices across the nation. Both have accepted contributions from individuals that work on companies that they are supposed to regulate.

Accepting campaign contributions from companies with an interest in your actions as an elected official is extremely problematic. It falls under the same category as an elected official accepting lobbyist contributions to sway a vote. It is a stretch to believe that when you accept such a donation you are not swayed by the industry you are supposed to regulate. It is at the very least unethical and potentially unlawful.

Brian Kalk and Kevin Cramer's slighted leadership is an obvious slap in the face to North Dakotas who trust in having transparent ethical guidelines for our elected officials. If both Republican office holders are unable to handle the responsibility that comes with being a public servant, voters should take that as an indication to elect more capable candidates to office. Democratic-NPL candidates Brad Crabtree for PSC and Pam Gulleson for Congress are candidates who have shown strength behind their platforms. Both Brad and Pam are open about what they stand for and show that they look at issues individually, not on the basis of party platforms or under-the-table contributions.

North Dakotans deserve better. North Dakotas deserve public officials who hold ethics, accountability and transparency in the highest regard. Thankfully, North Dakotans are blessed with choices of candidates in 2012.

Please choose wisely.

Jackie Stebbins

Vice Chairwoman, Dem-NPL