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Want Smoke Free North Dakota on the ballot?

Dear Editor:

As many of us... or a few of us... or maybe none at all might know, there are dedicated North Dakotans out there starting to pound the pavement, collecting signatures on a petition to put the Smoke Free North Dakota decision on the ballot this coming November.

This petition will ask for "an initiated measure to amend chapter 23-12 of the North Dakota Century Code to prohibit smoking, including the use of electronic smoking devices, in public places and most places of employment in this state, including certain outdoor areas."

Though we've always had a few genuinely concerned and dedicated legislators wanting to help this cause, there have been many (too many) that just haven't had the common sense to go ahead and get this done through the legislative process, so once again, North Dakota citizens are taking it to the street and getting it done all by ourselves. We have lots of confidence that we will get more signatures that are required, because most people feel the same way we do. This is strictly a good-health issue. Banning smoking in all public places will not affect business, hurt our economy or destroy anyone's life. It will save lives.

No one is going to tell anyone that they can't smoke, they are just going to legislate against where they smoke and hopefully it will be downwind of me and anyone who chooses not to inhale the toxic chemicals from second hand smoke. So, look for us and if you live in North Dakota and are as sick of stinky, unhealthy smoke as the rest of us, sign the petition and then vote appropriately in November.