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A real work in progress

Anyone who hasn't driven down West Fargo's Veterans Boulevard lately should make it a priority.

The amount of building going on is amazing and monumental and not just in little private, spotty sections but all the way along the corridor to 40th Avenue South and beyond.

And that is only on the west side of the roadway we are talking, it doesn't take in the other array of growth and development to the east which constitutes the Fargo side.

On the northernmost part of Veterans, near the Interstate, the Costco building frame is well up and advanced, concrete has been poured and work continues at a frantic pace. A little further down, progress on the elementary school, tucked back in, continues; as does activity progressing south consisting of single family residential areas and condominiums units for the senior segment, many of which are already inhabited.

Beyond that are a maze of very attractive, storied apartment buildings, also already occupied, with several more adjacent already in the works.

The road is my regular route home from work at night, and as fast as things are progressing, changes to the construction become apparent almost on a daily basis.

As I drive down the roadway I tried to envision what else is on the horizon that will be going into the empty spots bordering the boulevard. It is easy to imagine a restaurant or two, maybe a motel and convention center, and yes, maybe even another regular grocery store.

As a straight shot to the southernmost part of Fargo, the traffic is really picking up in this area. That will only escalate with the completion of all the construction endeavors, both residential and business in nature, underway.

It truly is a work in progress and a sight everyone should experience before it is all filled in and nothing is left to the imagination.