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An evening to remember well-spent with family, neighbors, friends

Night to Unite was a complete wash out last year due to a ground drenching downpour that would have made it impossible to park near or walk through Elmwood Park.

The cancellation marked the first time ever that the event, previously known as National Night Out, was called off for any reason.

Mega hard work and planning months in advance goes into making Night to Unite a success, so what a shame it was that the event had to ditched at the last minute because mother nature was not cooperating.

Police Chief Arland Rasmussen said he has ordered perfect weather for the 2012 happening scheduled for next Tuesday; and in addition, the mosquito threat has been low this summer, so probably no bother in that regard either.

Night to Unite keeps growing each year participation and attendance wise and with its absence last year, you can bet the figures will only be more escalated this year.

Like any fledgling project, when National Night Out first began about 18 years ago, you could pretty much pick your parking spot at Elmwood Park and walk the grounds at ease visiting the vendor and display booths without long lines or crowd interference.

Not the case anymore, but the extra congestion only adds to the excitement.

The West Fargo Police Department staff in cooperation with the huge slate of annual co-sponsors deserve the credit for transforming the evening into the magnetic attraction it has grown to be -- always eager to be associated with this wholesome family event with its far-reaching effect of reinforcing awareness about crime and drug prevention, generating support for participation in local anticrime programs, and strengthening neighborhood spirit in its resolve to deter and fight crime.

The event is geared for the entire family and it's no wonder the little kids especially love the evening, with the ever-growing number of hands-on demonstrations they can individually be a part of, including the motorcycle rides conducted by the Harley Owners Group members, always a strong draw with long lines not the exception but the rule; the free treats, i.e. ice cream and cotton candy; the fire department demonstrations, the list goes on and on.

So if you have little children, grandchildren or friends looking for something exciting and varied to do Tuesday evening, head on over to Elmwood Park on west 13th Avenue and take in what the four-hour session has to offer. You'll be amazed by the demonstrations, displays and the camaraderie that prevails.

All in all, as an evening filled with interactive activity, it just doesn't get any better. The educational information co-mingled with the excitement and fun is priceless, conveying loud and clear the importance of community togetherness and the role everyone plays in ensuring the quality, sanctity and strengthening the safety of small town life and quiet neighborhoods.

See complete details of what you will be missing out on if you don't attend in the related story and promotional ad in this week's publication.