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Proceed with extra caution around city school zones

This topic has been beaten into the ground lately but never can enough be said about the safety factor when it comes to the first day of school tomorrow (and for that matter, every day after.)

Police department messages lately have been driving home the fact that they will be out in full force with extra patrols at and near the schools to ensure that both motorists and pedestrians are obeying the rules in an effort to prevent anything negative from happening.

There is also need for extra caution and safety when it comes to rules of the road involving bicycles, especially in these school areas, where bike riders have a tendency to bolt out onto the roadway without regard or concern for traffic that may be approaching.

Yes, the bicyclist may indeed have the right-of-way, but riders would also do well to stop and pause to allow vehicles the adequate response time to slow down and stop.

Cheney Middle School on 17th Avenue seems to be a high profile area for bike riders darting out across the pedestrian path without looking to see if anyone is approaching.

Safety is a two-way street and everyone needs to practice all the right moves.

If you travel a route that contains a school on your way to work either in the morning or afternoon, take the time to slow down and comply to all the extra traffic; or better yet, if you can, plan an alternative route and avoid school activity all together. That would definitely be the way to go.