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Letter to the Editor: Gulleson is strong on Social Security

I was impressed when I saw Pam Gulleson talking about Social Security last week - she clearly knows her stuff and she is willing to talk with people about common sense solutions. Instead of looking down on senior citizens from a distance, she came out and met with them at meetings across the state, talking to them about what Social Security means to average North Dakotans.

Contrast that with her opponent Kevin Cramer, who says that he wants to privatize Social Security. I can't believe that after the huge economic disaster of 2008, anyone would think that gambling with our Social Security is a good idea, but evidently I was wrong.

It's clear that Social Security is not as safe from attacks as we'd like it to be. In fact, Mitt Romney's choice for VP - Paul Ryan - was one of the main backers of the Bush Social Security Privatization plan back in 2005. Just imagine how disastrous that plan would have been during the economic crisis a few short years later!

Every hardworking American pays into Social Security all our working lives, and we deserve those benefits that we've earned. I'm going to vote for Pam Gulleson, because she has our best interests at heart and she has the common sense ideas that work for all of us.

Mary C. Tintes

West Fargo