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Letter to the Editor: Pyle has leadership skills necessary

To the Residents of Cass County:

I would like to encourage you to vote for Brandy Pyle for Cass County Commissioner. In my years on the Casselton City Council I have had the pleasure of working with several city auditors, but none have shown the commitment and enthusiasm that Brady has shown for her position. The job of commissioner requires someone who is detail oriented, dependable, organized, and creative. Over the years Brandy Pyle has shown these characteristics time and time again.

Brandy was always looking for ways to lower the cost of city government operation. She applied for and secured a grant from the state to improve the energy effectiveness of the city hall building. She supervised for the city the auditorium, and kitchen, renovations that were done along with those energy improvements. She looked at different health care plans and found one that reduced the annual cost to the city by $9,600, while still maintaining excellent coverage to the city employees. She worked to get city residents on an auto-pay for their water bills, thereby reducing late fees, and reducing the city's cost of collection and improved time management.

Knowing that state and federal aid to cities, counties, townships, and schools is dependent upon a complete and accurate population count, Brandy voluntarily conducted a Local Update of Census Addresses in 2007, consisting of verifying each and every household in the city. This included all the apartments, and she even assigned and included addresses for the two developments that were in the building process. This effort would assure that when the 2010 census workers came, all our residents would be counted, thus maximizing potential government funding.

Brandy's actions while city auditor, and her continued involvement in our community, shows what a true asset she is. I know that she will bring a strong and capable voice to the commission. That is why I strongly support Brandy Pyle's campaign for Cass County Commission.

Lee Anderson

Casselton N.D.