Weather Forecast


Fall is apparent everywhere

Fall has definitely been in the air the last few days.

Seems like part of a grand plan with the day officially making its mark on Sunday as the transitional season from warm to colder.

All in all, it's been a great summer, marked by just the right amount of heat, an abundance of pleasurable sunny days, the absence of any adverse pest population, the phenomenal leaf changing colors that have been evident everywhere, and lots and lots of people happy just to be able to be out and about.

The down side would be minimal, but the two elements that come to mind would be the excessive winds on a number of days as well as the lack of rainfall with the inches down considerably.

Pair the two together in the event of an uncontrolled fire and it makes for one very dangerous situation.

The adjacent column relates to the open burning of leaves and garden waste, definitely not a good idea in the first place coupled with the no rain spell and the fact that it is also against the law to do so anyway.

Individuals should think twice about any uncontrolled fire situation, whether it pertains to charcoal grills or backyard fireplaces.

If I heard it correctly, one of the most recently reported fire calls was the result of charcoal left in a propane grill igniting the reaction.

So until the fall rains decide to blanket the area, it would do everyone well to take heed when it comes to anything involving creating their own smoke and flames by reading up on what is allowed either adjacent or on the city website.