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Letter to the Editor: Baesler right choice for public instruction leader

North Dakota is at an historic point in education. Decisions made in the next four years will determine what happens with K-12 education for the next 4-5 decades. It is critically important to choose the best person to lead our public schools into the future, and Kirsten Baesler is that person.

A student's experience in kindergarten through high school will determine how well prepared he or she is for college, for a career, and for enjoying an adult life. North Dakota has made significant progress by increasing funding as well as establishing academic criteria which will assure that all students will have access to a good education, no matter where they live.

Now that the structure and funding are in place, North Dakota needs a Superintendent of Public Instruction who has the vision to implement the new curriculum requirements and to assist local school districts in providing the best education possible for their students.

Kirsten Baesler has spent her entire career in education, as a media specialist and assistant principal in Bismarck and as a member and president of the Mandan School Board. She has been active in many public organizations and boards, all focused on improving public education. No one has been more dedicated to the improvement of opportunities for all students, and she is passionate about her work.

Schools are much different today from what they were even 10 or 15 years ago. If you doubt that, visit your local school; you will be impressed with the way today's students are learning. Technology is an important component. No longer do students sit in desks lined up in rows in a classroom. They are more likely to be working in small groups, often with computers, doing research, developing reports, and solving problems. Visit with your local teachers and administrators and learn what challenges they face in classrooms today.

Never has it been so important to have a well-prepared, innovative, experienced, and enthusiastic leader as Superintendent of Public Instruction, and Kirsten Baesler is that leader. She deserves our votes!

By Sen. Judy Lee

West Fargo