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Letter to the Editor: Gulleson strong farm advocate

I'm tired of Kevin Cramer's negative campaign messages. By attacking Pam Gulleson and her family for struggling to make ends meet, Kevin Cramer just hit a new low. I grew up on a North Dakota farm and I know very well about the challenges we faced. It is true that Pam Gulleson's family farm, just like so many others in North Dakota, faced some tough years and she talks openly about that. And it's true that, just like other farmers and ranchers in the tough years, she and her family were behind in property tax payments. But Pam Gulleson and her family paid back all of the taxes years ago, along with interest and penalties.

What these recent attacks show is that Kevin Cramer is out of touch and doesn't understand the daily struggles North Dakota farm families face. Pam Gulleson knows what it is like to fight for the family farm you love and to depend on the land for a living, and she will be a strong advocate for the Farm Bill. I love my family farm, and that's why I'm voting for Pam Gulleson on November 6.

Mary Cramer Tintes

West Fargo