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Time to practice civic duty, promote safe trick or treating

The day everyone is talking about is finally presenting itself next Tuesday, Nov. 6 going down in infamy as Election Day 2012 providing the opportunity for all citizens to get out and vote. See details about polling sites and related information in today's publications.

Also remember to exercise safe and sound judgement if you are out and about tonight. The little ones will be out "trick or treating" and nobody wants anything to happen that will mar their good fun.

Be on the lookout for all the extra foot traffic in your neighborhoods and leave outside lights on to better mark the way for easier door to door maneuvering.

If you are out and about in your vehicle make sure also to practice extra care and be vigilant of any children that might happen to be crossing the road or using the street to get to their intended destination.

A little bit of extra care and time will go a long way in insuring the safety of all the little ghosts and goblins laying claim to one of their all-time favorite nights of the year.