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Letter to the Editor: Time has come to end second-hand smoke

The time has come! The time has come to rectify decades of the unhealthy practice of smoking in public places.

Forever, non-smokers have had to endure the stench and life threatening effects of secondhand smoke. Years ago we put up with smoke in bars, restaurants, on planes, and even in hospitals.

Non-smokers thought it was just the smell and that only the smoker's health was being affected. Not so, as the public became more educated we have learned there was a lot more happening than just the stink. People were dying because of the smoke they were forced to live with. As the Health Community began to find more evidence of this and the public became more educated to it, things began to change.

Now 29 States have gone smoke-free. Many cities in North Dakota have done so as well. Every State around us and Canada is smoke-free. We are the ashtray of the midwest.

But we can change that on November 6. You can help us become the 30th clean State. Vote yes on measure #4 and clean that ash tray.

Jack Fuller

West Fargo