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Letter to the Editor: Lund right voice to represent District 16

There is an opportunity for positive change in District 16 on November 2, and that opportunity is to vote John Lund for the House of Representatives.

I have known John for 29 years and for fourteen of those years he has been my business partner. John understands investing for the future, controlled spending and balancing budgets. He understands jobs, negotiations and making tough decisions. He recognizes how critical decisions in the legislature will affect and prepare North Dakota for its future and those decisions should be made with "the people" in mind, not politics.

John has been endorsed by the North Dakota Educators Association (NDEA). He was named North Dakota's Small Business Person of the Year in 2005 and in the same year awarded the prestigious North Dakota Entrepreneurial Spirit Award by the Greater North Dakota Chamber of Commerce. He is also a past President of the North Dakota Society for Respiratory Care (NDSRC). He cares and is committed to his church, community and this great state of North Dakota. John has demonstrated this throughout his adult life and will continue to do so as your Representative.

Although I do not live in District 16, having spent the better half of my professional life working side by side with John, I can assure you, he has the experience and the resolve to represent every citizen. John will fight for educational funding to secure the future for our children, he will fight to retain and attract talented teachers, he will fight for property tax relief, and he understands the challenges facing every citizen and family.

Finally, for 29 years John has been involved in health care. From a governor's appointment to serve the NDSRC to originating and growing a health care business, he will fight for quality, affordable health care for all.

John will be an asset for all of us in determining the path of North Dakota's future. He understands the opportunities and the challenges. I ask you to vote for my friend, business partner and colleague John Lund, as your Representative in District 16.

Jon Swegarden


PDSinc/ND Center for Sleep