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Maintenance needs to be in winter mode

We have been extremely lucky so far from a weather standpoint, the lack of any major precipitation in the form of cold, wet, heavy snow except for the little blast we received Thanksgiving Day which to use a weatherman's term, "has pretty much already dissipated."

Given the nature of the weather beast, it's a sure bet that will all change soon, and in anticipation, the need for a few simple reminders that will made street clean up so much easier for city crews responsible for the daunting and ever-growing task.

First of all, regarding parked vehicles on roadways during heavy snowfalls. City ordinance states that vehicles cannot park in any one place on a street or alley for longer than 72 hours.

However, this rule is subject to change when a heavy snowfall occurs and parking prohibition automatically goes into effect on all primary snow emergency routes where there has been an accumulation of snow and ice of three inches or more for one hour or more between 6 a.m. and 11 p.m

What this means is that vehicles need to be kept off of streets during this time, so cleanup crews have complete unencumbered access.

With the precip comes ice and snow build-up on sidewalks, and the need for removal. The ordinance states that snow or ice is not allowed to stand or remain upon any public sidewalk within the city of West Fargo. If any person or corporation either neglects or refuses to clean the sidewalk abutting their property, the city can take action and have city crews coordinate the effort and assess the property owner for the work. (See more complete details about this issue in the adjacent column focusing on sidewalk maintenance).

Another area of concern is sump hoses draining across sidewalks, making for extremely slippery and dangerous situations.

The ordinance pertaining to sump pumps clearly states they may not be placed on or over a public sidewalk, as they present a distinct hazard for individuals walking on the sidewalks. Property owners may request permission from the city to bury their sump pump hose under the sidewalk as a way of conforming to the ordinance.

Following the rules and being reactive to any significant weather situation will make the hassle a whole lot easier and efficient for everyone involved with the cleanup process.

For more detailed information about city ordinances as they pertain to citizen expectation and rights visit the city website at