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Common courtesy rule of the road

Getting really sick of all the fast moving (way over the speed limit) traffic on arterial roadways in the city, especially Veteran's Boulevard where there is excessive abuse.

The speed limit on the roadway is 35 miles per hour and when you cross the overpass on I-94 and hit the border limit of Cheney Middle School it slows down to 20 mph.

What a joke.

At any given time during the day you can be driving the route five miles over the speed limit and still have drivers just fly by you.

The police department has one of their sensored road signs that displays actual speed limits as driver's descend the overpass.

It's not uncommon to see readings 15 to 20 miles over the speed limit recorded as some motorists travel travel past the sign and through the school zone.

It's really too bad the device doesn't have a camera to capture violators as a deterrent to the situation.

Don't know where they are going or what is the hurry but evidently they are late for something.

Then there are those drivers in those big high flying vehicles that like to zoom up to you as fast as they possibly can and then sit on your bumper as they ride their brakes the rest of the way home.

And the sorry fact is that most of them also have their ears glued to their cell phones so they don't have a clue what they are doing anyway.

The same aggravation applies to Ninth Street which becomes Veterans Boulevard after the Interstate.

As you cross 13th Avenue from the north heading south on Ninth Street, the intensity of the traffic speed picks up making it almost virtually impossible to switch lanes when vehicle presence is heavy, in particular, during rush hour and drive home times.

It is really amazing there aren't more accidents, especially with the accumulation of precipitation making for wet or slippery conditions.

The bottom line is people need to show a little better judgement and have a little more respect.

Slow down and leave a little distance between your car and the driver ahead of you, and when it's a night time situation, don't ride the bumper with your blinding headlights.

If using a little common sense and showing a little courtesy is beyond any moterists ability or comprehension levels -- then those drivers definitely deserve to be pulled over, ticketed and pay the consequences.