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Striving to keep it safe with enhanced enforcement

Each year, at least for the past several, The Southeast Fargo Regional DUI Task Force in conjunction with the North Dakota Department of Transportation (NDDOT), have been stepping up their efforts in early March to deter impaired drivers.

This year will be no exception with an increased campaign to keep individuals from driving under the influence set to begin Friday, March 15 and continue through Saturday, March 23.

During this time, additional officers will be assigned to monitor city, rural and state roadways looking for any unusual behavior that could pose dangers to other motorists or pedestrians on the roadway.

“Last year, one alcohol-related crash occurred every 8.6 hours,” West Fargo Police Officer Tyler Williams stated. “Alcohol related crashes also have the highest number of fatalities. Think about it, this could affect your parent, child, significant other or your best friend.”

Williams said he is committed to doing his part to decrease the amount of intoxicated drivers on the road. “Ultimately, it is my goal to not only decrease the number of drunken drivers, but to get that number to zero.”

Toward that end, DUI Task Force officials are reminding everyone to designate a driver when the social situation calls for one.

To encourage responsible and positive behavior, NDDOT launched the public safety campaign in 2011, “Don’t Forget TODD,” an interactive website designed to remind people to always designate a driver when alcohol is involved that is still playing strongly today in several media outlets.

With St. Patrick’s Day on Sunday this year and more businesses than ever promoting extra activity as well as the popular green beverage as part of the social interaction, what better time than now to begin making plans for that designated driver just in case the need presents itself.

More information on regional DUI enforcement activity throughout the state can be found at This website contains the list of increased enforcement periods, safe ride information, a text and email alert option to sign up for increased enforcement alerts and much more.

The Southeast Fargo Regional DUI Task Force includes the following agencies: NDHP, Steele, Traill, Cass, Richland, Ransom and Sargent County Sheriff’s Departments, and Fargo, West Fargo, North Dakota State University, Wahpeton, and Lisbon Police Departments.