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Easter is for sharing with family

Holidays are for sharing with family and Easter Sunday is among those that top the list.

Growing up I can remember starting the day with Mass (actually the week with a series of church services in conjunction with Holy Week) and then having relatives over for a huge noon meal followed by lots of visiting and later dessert because everyone was too full after the meal to want any.

I also remember the Saturday afternoon before, turning to the package of Paas for the Easter egg dyeing party that was a huge part of the ritual, then waking up Easter morning to the dining room table decked out with our best china soup bowls, standing in for easter baskets (there were 12 of us after all) filled with colorful grass, easter eggs and a few favorite pieces of candy.

Those were indeed simpler times when youngsters were thankful for whatever the Easter bunny could supply or provide..

Easter is still held to the same standards in our household -- starting the day with church, followed by a great meal,  then easter basket treats for the little ones, a hunting escapade in search of jelly beans or plastic eggs filled with more special goodies, and maybe, if the cards are played right, even a visit from the real bunny (Easter of course), who sometimes likes to hang out in the neighborhood even when it’s not Easter.

Sounds like the perfect vision of how any quality time should be spent.

No matter how each of you decide to spend your day, reflect on the true meaning and take it all in.