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Huber: Great place to spend quality time

National Library Week, being observed April 14 through April 20, is the perfect time to highlight the value of libraries, librarians and library workers and to emphasize the important role our local libraries play in communities throughout the nation.

“Communities Matter at your Library” is this year’s theme chosen by the American Library Association, which reinforces the fact that libraries are trusted places where everyone can gather to reconnect and reengage with each other to enrich and shape the community and address local issues.

Such is the case with the West Fargo Public Library, where services and offerings continue to grow by leaps and bounds, thanks to a dedicated core staff, committed to implementing and promoting new programming on an ongoing basis for the interaction and enjoyment of all interests and age levels; and by continuing to look for ways to better serve the citizens by expanding its collection of materials and providing additional technology.

Because of this progressive, proactive attitude as it pertains to programming and resources, last year once again recorded growth in several areas with a marked increase in items checked out, total items circulated in the inter-library loan areas, a huge increase in the electronic media area with total downloads almost doubling, and website visitors also on the rise up over 13,000 from the previous year.

Public computer usage was also up after recording a decrease the previous year and the number of new library card applications enjoyed a slight increase.

It was also obvious that the little ones enjoyed the intense storytime programming with a sizeable attendance increase noted in that area, in fact, the highest number in five years.

Library staff headed by director Sandra Hannahs and assistant director Carrie Scarr, along with their dedicated support staff, deserve well-earned kudos for their contributions and expertise in taking the facility to such new levels.

For those of you who have yet to check the facility out, it is located in in the Lodoen Community Center at 109 3rd St. E., formerly old West Fargo Middle School building.

Next week would be excellent starting point to acquaint yourself. In fact, the perfect way to spend a morning or afternoon with a little free time on your hands.

If you’d like more information about complete program offerings, visit the website at: