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Huber: Activity lagging a little behind

A comment made at Monday night’s City Commissioner meeting about the progress of city building activity really rung true.

When asked when construction will begin on a new hotel conference center, the response by the senior planner was “spring, if we ever have spring.”

The starkness of the answer raised the next question.

How far behind is the city with its building projects?

That reply was “three weeks for a typical year and a month behind last year,”  which was anything but typical with the same time frame a year ago recording 60 degree temps as a standard norm.

The good word is that nobody is overly concerned by any weather delays.

Developers and construction crews are both ramping up their plans ready to go full force as soon the season gives them the green light.

Also heard was an update on the status of plans for the new police and city headquarters which are still deep in the development stages.

Talk of police department plans also drove home the fact that West Fargo Police Chief Arland Rasmussen, who is a fixture at most Commission meetings, was absent and missed.

Our thoughts are with him and we wish him only the best as  he recuperates from his weekend surgery.