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Huber: Easy to forget road reconstruction

For those of you traveling Veterans Boulevard south of the Interstate who expect to make it all the way through to 52nd Avenue, just a reminder that construction is underway on the first phase of the roadway from 32nd to 36th Avenue south and will also kick in Friday for the second phase of work on the remainder of the stretch to 40th Avenue.

I only bring up the topic because traveling the route for the very first time in a long time Saturday I was taken aback by the detour as were several other motorists.

If you are local then it shouldn't be an issue, but if you are out of town and looking for the shortest way using that route to hit 40th or 52nd then it can become more of a challenge to get where you would like to be going.

I was aware of the work and had only momentarily forgotten so I knew what my plan B route would be to get my to destination the most efficiently. For strangers to the community, that may not be the case.

The road work will be continuing to approximately August so if you are heading in that direction, remember to be mindful of the closures in finding your way around. You may even want to consider avoiding the area entirely.

An added closure initiated Monday, May 20, is 31st Avenue East from Veterans Blvd. to Bluestem Drive which will be in effect until May 28. The closure is necessitated by Dakota Underground Co. doing removals and construction for a sewer and water improvement district in South Pond 6th Addition.

As a side note, for those of you noticing all the construction on both the east and west side of Vets Bouldevard and wondering what the framework is going up on the west side across from the Gate City Bank location -- it is a three-story apartment building.

The complexion of that entire landscape is changing so rapidly that each trip down the corridor provides a different viewing experience.