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Cleaning, greening up the welcome mat

The rain has now fallen and stopped and it has been great to see everybody out and about landscaping their yards, getting everything into summer shape.

Professional street sweepers have been making their contracted rounds and will be wrapping up citywide cleanup in that regard, cleaning the lingering dirt and debris off all the community's roadway.

Public works personnel have also had their people out mowing and trimming public boulevards and other areas.

Dandelions seem to be a huge problem again this year that more people should be focusing on for the sake of their neighbors if nothing else.

The boulevards on Seventeenth Avenue could use some maintenance to help get rid of the huge patches that are present there as they extend and go into the Fargo city limits.

Several other pieces of city and park maintained property also need some dire spraying.

A highly visible area that looked really dismal for a time but is starting to perk up is the median corridors of the Main Avenue reconstruction project that finished up last year on the stretch from 9th Street East to 45th Street.

Hydroseeding was completed last November at the conclusion of the project and for awhile this spring, with all the cool weather, the appearance of the landscape was all gray and shabby, but traveling the route this week it is starting to look better with the green grass starting to grow and fill in.

The key words here are "starting to grow." The look is still sparse and it's apparent there are weeds as well as some discarded debris (garbage) on the stretch.

Public works officials said the medians on this segment were sprayed for weeds this last week and they will keep a watchful eye on the progress.

"We need to give it a chance to get green and grow," Public Works Director Barry Johnson stated.

If it doesn't the contractors will be contacted to determine who needs to come back and repair the matter.

For the longer term city crews will eventually be taking over maintenance on the entire Main Avenue segment as part of the contract with the North Dakota Department of Transportation who oversaw the two phases already in place and the third expected to begin in 2014. Once that kicks in in earnest the city will do the reseeding and maintenance.

So in the meantime it becomes a matter of wait and see. It is likely the warm temps and the much needed precip are going to provide exactly what is necessary to make the green stuff flourish and enhance the aesthetics of the Main Avenue corridor which of course was the original intent of the site plan.

And that will be a good thing.

We don't need any bad first impressions for those traveling the corridor that is supposed to be the welcoming mat for visitors and other guests entering and leaving the city limits.