Commentary: Sen. Heitkamp didn’t mean it when she said 'zero tolerance' for sexual harassment


Earlier this month embattled Minnesota Senator Al Franken delivered a self-serving, self-pitying speech on the Senate floor in which he announced that he’d be announcing his resignation at some point in the future.

It was a truly bizarre speech, and many (including this observer) thought it was Franken buying himself some time to rehabilitate his political career. A point of view bolstered by the fact that other Democrats, notably West Virginia Senator Joe Manchin, began calling for Franken to stay in the Senate.

I guess the trial balloons on Franken staying in the Senate didn’t float the way proponents hoped, because a resignation date has been announced for shortly after the New Year holiday.

But just hours before Franken made that announcement, and just weeks after making a “zero tolerance” call for Franken to resign, Senator Heidi Heitkamp said she’d support Franken’s decision to stay in the Senate.

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