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Letter to the Editor: Take the time to particpate, vote on bond referendum

What are your plans for March 23? Please take time this day to participate in a very important decision that the patrons of the West Fargo School District are making. We will be voting on a $45 million bond referendum to build a new high school and elementary school within the West Fargo School District, which will also result in more space for middle school students.

I have lived and worked in the West Fargo School District since 1985 and have grown children who attended West Fargo schools. As I also currently am teaching at Cheney Middle School, I feel I honestly can say there has never been a greater need for space in our district!

Many of us already are preparing for the flood this spring, because we want to be ready for whatever could happen. In West Fargo, the "flood" of students already is here - our schools in the elementary grades nearly are full and we are over capacity by 500 students in grades 6-12. This overcrowding is going to continue to increase, even if no new families move into our district.

Our young people deserve to attend schools in an atmosphere where "everybody knows your name" and no one is anonymous! Current research would recommend 1,200 students or less for middle schools and high schools. If we want to maintain our "small town" feel, building more schools is the only way to do it. Having more schools also naturally will make it possible to increase our children's options for participating in academic and extra-curricular activities; and it gives our teachers a better chance to "build relationships" with their students in so many different ways.

It is with great pride that I tell people "I am a teacher in West Fargo." I have been blessed with 24 years of great students, supportive administrators and caring parents. Regarding the space issue - I probably could teach in a broom closet if I had to, but this is not what is right for our students. If you have any questions about the particulars of the plan, I would encourage you to go to the Web site for answers.

Who can vote? The eligible Fargo neighborhoods within the West Fargo Public School District are: Osgood, Sincebaugh, Evelyn's Acres, Amber Valley, Amber Fields, and Westfield. This includes the cities of West Fargo, Reile's Acres, Harwood, Horace and parts of Fargo.

Where to vote? You may choose any of the following locations:

• Harwood Community Center.      

• Veterans Memorial Arena.

• Westside Elementary School.

• Sheyenne 9th Grade Center.        

• Horace Senior Center.

Please BOND with our community and vote "yes" on March 23 to give our students the facilities and the learning environments that they deserve.

Gale Haug

West Fargo