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Letter to the Editor: Overcrowding big problem at the high school

To the Editor,

I'm a student at West Fargo High and there is a huge problem there. Overcrowding. There are roughly around 1600 students there and we have to fight our way through crowds of students to get to our classes on time. It doesn't help that sometimes people stand in the middle of the halls either. Although many of us will be graduating this year, the growing student body will have increasing problems with overcrowding as the years go by. Many of the classes are at max capacity with 35 students. This poses a problem with some students' ability to learn because they may learn better in a smaller class. I, myself, work better in smaller classes and these are just the beginning of our problems.

At lunch the lines go slowly a lot of the time because many of the lunch ladies never tell us how much we have left and it takes twice as long to get through the line because the student has to pay cash, which cuts down on our eating time. For the students who are last in line, they have the choice of standing or sitting on the floor which isn't very sanitary at all. We have a courtyard with benches but it is always locked so that cuts down on our seating even more.

Finally, our parking lot is full. If you want a parking spot you have to get there before 8 a.m. We can park in the church lot across from the school but you have to pay for a parking permit. These are all problems we face on a daily basis and they all factor down to one thing, it's just way too crowded and we need another high school soon.


Bethany Booth

West Fargo