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Letter to the Editor: The faces have changed, but not much else for school bond issue

In what has become ritual in West Fargo, citizens are being asked yet again to fund a school building plan. You can set your watch to it; just as the snow begins its slow melt, the debate awakens from its slumber.

But although each referendum presents different particulars, the rhetoric remains the same. By the time you read this, I'm sure you'll have already heard the typical cries. "Vote yes to keep class sizes low!" "New schools for the children!" "Vote no if you're a xenophobic cretin!"

Maybe that last one was a stretch. But the point is that although you thought the debate was going to change, it hasn't and won't.

Quite frankly, this plan and the information being disseminated have been heard before. The school board is again asking for carte blanche with the "trigger point" idea. Supporters are relying on increased class sizes to provoke, even though the relationship between class size and student performance is contested and spurious. The board has again reneged, endorsing a $400,000 addition to the high school when we've been told time and time again that such a project is impractical. And nearly everyone is neatly downplaying the fact that your property taxes will likely go back up in the next few years regardless, due to expiration of state-legislated tax relief.

The school board, administrators, and supporters of the plan are resorting to the same tactics to persuade you to foot the bill. Straw men? Check. Specious arguments? You bet. Misleading statements? No doubt about it. It must be spring in West Fargo.

David Tibbals

West Fargo