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Letter: WFEA thankful for energy, enthusiasm

The 630 members of the West Fargo Education Association were pleased to join teachers of the West Fargo Kindergarten Center who participated in the West Fest parade. We were honored to be joined by Betty Hanson, their school principal. Mrs. Hanson was selected as the WFEA’s 2013 Outstanding Administrator of the Year for West Fargo.

We were also joined by students from the West Fargo Community High School. They are as follows: John Hertel, Becca Redford-Odlund, Mark Shafer, Brianna Carsen and Emily Ballou.

West Fargo Community High is where motivated students work hard and push themselves to earn their diploma. Community High students enjoy volunteering, helping their friends succeed, and opening their minds to new possibilities. These students made the event special by carrying signs that highlight the district’s mission statement and helping us hand out pencils.

The WFEA would like to thank these Community High School students and West Fargo Kindergarten Center teachers for joining us in this fun event. Their energy and enthusiasm were contagious!

Gale Haug

WFEA President