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Letter to the Editor: Thank you to West Fargo Community

Dear Editor:

A special thank you to the West Fargo community for making our “Food Float” a success. This marked the 3rd year we have teamed with the Great Plains Food Bank to collect non-perishable food items during the West Fest Parade. We are excited to share with you and your readers that we collected 1347 pounds of food that day! And many who didn’t bring food opened their wallets giving $240 directly to the Great Plains Food Bank.

We are continuously overwhelmed by the generosity of the West Fargo community and all those who attended the parade. As we walked through the streets we had people running to us with bags of non-perishable food items they had remembered to bring along, despite their busy lives. Our group of young kids singing, teens collecting food and money, as well as the many adults we had along wereall touched that day by the kindness shown by our community. Thank you West Fargo, for showing you care for others and helping to support those who go hungry in our community.

Lutheran Church of the Cross

West Fargo