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Letter: Post prom post grad committee looks for parent volunteers

The post prom / post grad committee is off to a great start in our planning for the 2014 events. The committee is made up of high school parents. As parents, our goal is to ensure our teens and/or our teens’ friends have a safe, alcohol and drug free environment on two of the most high risk nights of the school year – Prom and Graduation.

These two events are NOT funded by the school. We are totally funded by parents and community businesses. We have several opportunities to raise money for these events during the basketball season. We are selling ice cream floats at several games, and also 50/50 raffle tickets. If you would like to help raise money for your student to enjoy the Post Prom and Post Grad events, please sign up at . Another way that we raise money is by encouraging parents of all junior or senior students to contribute $25 towards these events. Please go to our website where donation sign-up forms are available along with other great information - . For other questions or comments you may also email us

We will also need lots of parent volunteers at these events. Please consider giving of your time to make these events successful. You can sign up to be a volunteer for Post Prom and/or Post Grad on the website mentioned above and we will be in contact with you to see which area you would like to help with. Some examples are: registration, food, games, bingo, prizes, dodgeball, coat check, etc. We will also have a table set up at the Feb. 13th High School conferences with more volunteer information and the opportunity to sign up for a specific area. Both of these events are a lot of fun – for both the students and parents.

Also, if you are interested in helping plan for these events for your student, we would like to invite you to join us at our monthly meetings. In addition, if you are a parent of a 10th or 11th grade student, we invite you to participate in these meetings and events to ensure transfer of learning for the following year.

Our next meeting will be held Monday, Feb. 10th from 7 p.m. to 8:30 p.m. at West Fargo High School in Room 112C.

- Marilee Johnson