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Letter: Keep pet on a leash in public places

Dear West Fargo Dog Owners: As spring and warmer weather approaches, please be mindful of our city’s leash law and keep your pet leashed when out for a walk. We walk our dog in Elmwood Park every day and have had numerous encounters with animals running freely. The owners are well-intentioned: “Don’t worry, I have him under control” (which isn’t always the case) or “Fido won’t hurt you, he’s really friendly.”

Unfortunately, our dog is not friendly and is aggressive toward other animals, so being approached by an off-leash animal, no matter how friendly, triggers a hostile response that could result in a nasty fight or worse. We keep our dog under control and try to avoid other pets, but it’s very difficult to prevent an encounter when an untethered dog decides to run up to greet us.

Please keep your pet on a leash, not only because it’s the law, but for the safety of your beloved companion and ours.

Thank you,

Jeff and Nancy Suttle, West Fargo