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Letter: Post Prom Post Grad Committee grateful

The West Fargo Post Prom Post Grad Committee would like to express our gratitude to the many local merchants, civic groups and parents who generously donated money, items and time to another year of safe celebrations for our area youth. Your contributions made it possible for us to host more than 400 students for the Post Prom event and more than 450 students for the Post Grad celebration. Both events were filled with many fun activities, door prizes and lots of food and refreshments. Our hope is that each student who attended will look back on these special celebrations with the experience of having a great time without the use of alcohol or other drugs.

We remain committed to sponsoring these events for years to come and without the generous support of the community, this couldn’t happen. Thanks again for your continued support.

To view photos of these two events check out our website, www.wfpost or visit our Facebook page at West Fargo Post Prom Post Grad.

Marilee Johnson, The West Fargo Post Prom Post Grad Committee