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Letter to the Editor: Where is West Fargo going? Resident pushes for mass transit

As of April, 2010, the Mayor, the City Planners and the City Council had expressed how they did not want any new Public Mass Transit for West Fargo because, (as they had explained it to me );

“...if Mass Transit were to be introduced on a larger scale than what it is currently in West Fargo, it might create solid business anchors but, at the same time though, it would interfere with the present tax structure.., Over time it might become needed; And the idea of a new Public Mass Transit might even be considered as a tax incentive or as a tax asset for the community but, as for right now, we do not want it...”

As of 2012, (as I had been informed), the Mayor, the City Council and the City Planners have all allowed Metro C.O.G. and Moore Engineering to dictate the direction of our current bus routes and too stop any and all other endeavors which might improve of our current Public Mass Transit System.

It had been also brought to my attention that under the direction of Moore Engineering, there are no plans for any expansion of any new or existing Public Mass Transit for West Fargo.

As of January, 2013, (according to Public Record), that despite the growing population and the ever expanding growth of West Fargo, no one in the West Fargo City government has any intention of improving the Public Mass Transit for the area.

Were is West Fargo going?

With its current leadership, as I see it, it might be going nowhere...

And what have I offered the City of West Fargo?.

Well, it was my Public Mass Transit ideas that the current City of West Fargo has identified as being useless plans and a waste of their time. Which is now before the State of North Dakota where almost all members of House and Senate have noted how my proposals are calling for a great way to insure our States assets and revenues.

You see, out of all the members of the House and Senate, only one person is against this proposal and she is from West Fargo. No one in the House or Senate can figure out why she is against it but maybe she’s just a friend of our current Mayor and well, you know where West Fargo is going.

Peter Karl

West Fargo

(A West Fargo resident,

Karl made unsuccessful

bids for mayor in 2010 and City Commission in 2012.)