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Letter: Get to know candidates beyond party affiliation

I’ve enjoyed reading the editorial boards of the major North Dakota newspapers, owned mostly by Forum Communications, rail against the irresponsible actions taken by the Republican supermajority in the 63rd legislative session. What I find interesting, however, is the lack of transparency from these same editorial boards about the fact that they endorsed every one of these candidates. Every. Single. One.

Do you know who would’ve never signed four anti-abortion bills that are going to be ruled unconstitutional and cost the state millions of dollars in legal fees? Ryan Taylor. Do you know who would not have even considered allowing oil drilling anywhere near Killdeer Mountain, Theodore Roosevelt National Park, or the Elkhorn Ranch? Ryan Taylor. Do you know who wouldn’t have told Native American women that protecting them was unconstitutional and violently threaten their Tribal Council? Pam Gulleson. The unanimous support by the state’s media for Republican candidates gave us the current supermajority in the North Dakota legislature that attempted to pull hundreds of millions of dollars from the oil patch for roads, schools, and hospitals; has not given adequate funding for pre-K education, milk breaks for poor children, proper infrastructure, a plan for flood protection; or worked for meaningful property tax relief for all North Dakotans.

We get the government we deserve, and the media in the state needs to take their responsibility to inform the average voter seriously. In the upcoming elections I sincerely hope that these same editorial boards will read the biography of candidates beyond just the party affiliation. The future of the state, and our integrity, will be at stake.

Mitch Axness, Fargo